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Backpack Flag

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Choose eco-friendly material for your printed flag

Each kit comes complete with reinforced backpack, feather flag (available in a blade, rectangular or teardrop shape) and storage pockets

Ideal for advertising on the move or as a pacer flag during races

Lightweight, hands-free and comfortable to wear

Single or double sided print available

Did you know? You can buy the complete kit or individual components


The Product

“As someone who’s constantly on the move, searching for the next adventure from Glastonbury to Bali, this Back Pack Flag is ideal, man! Perfect for promoting your messages on the move or as a pacer flag in a race and not mention being really comfortable to wear and durable…cool!”






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Lightweight, hands free and comfortable to wear


From 2.5kg

Product Options

Essential or Deluxe
Buy complete kit or individual components

Flag Options

Choose from Blade, Teardrop or Rectangle flag styles

Print Option

Single or double sided print available
Eco-friendly material available

Q. Can my backpack flag be printed double sided?

A. Yes, we can print single or double sided for you. Just let our team know what you’d prefer.

Q. Do I need to supply my own artwork?

A. Whether you have your own artwork to send over or require the expertise of our in-house designs, we can take your idea and make it come to life. Artwork advice is given by our dedicated team, ensuring recommended artwork guidelines are met.

Q. What is the difference between the Essential and Deluxe backpack?

A. The Deluxe backpack has extra padding, making it more comfortable when wearing it for longer periods of time or when running. It also has handy side pockets for items such as your water bottle and mobile phone. The flag clip ensures the flagpol stays in place during any movement. 

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