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On 12th October 2019, history was made when Eliud Kipchoge became the first person ever to run a sub two-hour marathon. Taking place in picturesque Vienna, Austria, Kipchoge ran the distance in a remarkable 1:59:40:2 and proved his own mantra that No Human Is Limited.

To be involved in this history-making event was such a privilege for the team at Harrison Creative and one that will be remembered fondly for many years to come. With a long-established relationship with the organisers of the event, Harrison Creative was brought on board as a trusted supplier to provide many of the branded materials for the event including the roll out branding and branded boards for the Concord barriers, made from our environmentally-friendly material, Bubble Board.

The circuit featured four (4.4) laps of the Hauptallee, the historic tree-lined avenue in The Prater, picked as the location of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge because of its long, flat straight sections and its protection from the wind. Kipchoge and his team of 41 pacemakers, some of the best middle and long-distance runners in the world, set out to make history in perfect weather conditions with thousands of spectators supporting them along the way.

kipchoge with gantry

What We Did

Almost 10,000 metres of crowd control barrier branding was used to brand nearly every part of the track and create an attractive and well-branded course that would be instantly identifiable to the millions of viewers that watched the event in over 200 territories across the world, as well as those who streamed the event on YouTube and via the event website.

Harrison Creative also supplied almost 1,000 metres of roll out branding for Heras fencing panels, supplied as a continuous roll that’s ideal for covering less attractive areas and creating a screen for any storage areas or areas not accessible to the public.

If you watched the historic event, you may have noticed the noise levels rising towards the finish line – and not just from the cheering – the crowd gave Kipchoge a rapturous reception by hitting the 200 branded boards that lined the final section of this landmark event. These hard-wearing boards were made from Bubble Board and were slotted in to Concord barriers, a specifically-designed angled barrier that’s popular at start and finish lines and allows for branded boards to be quickly and simply interchanged to give a sleek and eye-catching display.

Bubble Board is our environmentally-friendly alternative to Correx that’s made from up to 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. Bubble Board is lightweight yet exceptionally rigid and will not bend or ‘flute’ when subjected to high winds or other pressure. It also has an excellent resistance to impact and won’t chip or mark, making it the perfect choice for an event such as this. These boards totaled over 500 metres of branding and created a spectacular vision for Kipchoge and his team of pacemakers to make their way into the history books.

On becoming the first ever person to break the two-hour barrier for a marathon, Eliud Kipchoge said:

“It is a great feeling to make history in sport after Sir Roger Bannister [set the first sub-four-minute mile] in 1954. I am the happiest man in the world to be the first human to run under two hours and I can tell people that no human is limited. I expect more people all over the world to run under two hours after today.

“The pacemakers did a great job, they are among the best runners of all time. I thank them and appreciate them for accepting to do the job.

“I wanted to run under two hours and show human beings can do a good job and lead a good life. It shows the positivity of sport. I want to make the sport an interesting sport whereby all the human beings can run and together we can make this world a beautiful world.”

Harrison Creative would like to congratulate Eliud and his team for such an incredible achievement!

Skills Used

Sustainable Event Branding