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Why Give Us A Design Brief For Your Next Exhibition Stand?

By Alex Hirst |
Exhibitions |
Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Have you been waiting to exhibit on your chosen space, at the most beneficial show to your company or product?

Surely you want a stand which encapsulates your brand values and that stands out amongst the hustle and bustle of the trade show, ensuring you attract all the right people?

Harrison Creative are your solution.

A design brief helps to determine your needs, goals and possibilities before our in-house fabrication team can turn your idea into a masterpiece,

What is a design brief?

A design brief is a written explanation outlining the aims, objectives and milestones of a design project. It is a critical part of the process as it helps develop trust and a deep understanding of the project between both parties. It encourages the client to clarify what is needed from the project, who the target audience is, the budget and most importantly, any deadlines.

From the brief, the design team are able to think strategically about solutions along with considering and questioning any issues before work commences.

The main focus of the design brief is primarily the outcomes and objectives – what do you want to achieve from the project? Ideally, it should not focus on aesthetic details of design as this is the responsibility of the designers – you’re paying for their creative ideas!

The design brief serves as the guiding document for the project. It can often be looked at the same way as a business plan. It should cover everything necessary and relevant to the project, in a way that is easy to refer to throughout.

The importance of a design brief

The success of all marketing campaigns begin with a well-constructed design brief.

The design brief is the most essential part of the process. Starting a project without a brief would be like booking a holiday without doing your research. Although it is doable, you may arrive at your destination and realise that you should have booked a hotel closer to the beach. Or you may find that there is no nightlife in your complex so you have to venture out of your hotel every night.

It doesn’t matter if you have unlimited resources or an end goal, without a clear, concise and detailed brief to work from, the success of the campaign is likely to suffer.

What makes for a good brief?

A good design brief is one that is short (hence the word brief), clear and to the point. The art behind a good brief is having the ability to take a complex point and make it simple. There is no need to dress the brief up with lots of marketing or technical jargon that no one really understands – it’s simply not needed. Focus on the project, that’s what it’s about.

How to write an effective design brief

An effective design brief is easily accomplished when specific questions are addressed. Below we have highlighted the key questions to be answered, which will cover 90% of the brief. The other 10% will come from questions the designers have, once the brief has been submitted.

What does your business do? – Never assume that the designers know anything about your company. Give them a bit of background information to work from.

What are your project goals and why? – What are your objectives for the exhibition? Do you differ from competitors? What are you trying to communicate?

Who is the target market? – What are the psychographics and demographics or your target market?

What copy and images are needed? – Establish who is providing the copy and images along with any ‘must haves’.

Are there any specifications? – Give the designers as much information as possible. Are you exhibiting or running a campaign in an open space? Are you restricted to certain sizes and capabilities?

What is your budget? – Inform designers of your budget which will prevent time and effort being wasted.

Do you have a deadline? – Set a realistic deadline for the completion of the work. If a deadline is too short, the goals may not be achieved.


With a well-constructed design brief, you are guaranteed to see success from your experiential marketing campaign. Once you have, or if you already have your design brief in place, why not speak to one of our specialist advisors about your project and requirements? We’re here to take your vision and turn it into a reality – No project is too big or small.

Call us on 01325 390192 or email hello@harrisonscreative.co.uk

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