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Brand your Santa Dash with our Race Branding Pack

By Alex Hirst |
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Monday, October 28th, 2019

Long summer days and spells of decent weather mean the warmer months are packed with races, festivals and events. But for many event organisers, the arrival of winter doesn’t mean a slower pace, in fact it can be just the opposite. The festive season sees a different kind of event to plan and one that is growing in popularity is the Santa Dash. Whilst a Santa Dash might not see PB’s hit or mile splits improved upon, it sees audience participation on a new level and creates a fun atmosphere for families and groups looking to grab some fresh air and make room for another round of mince pies.

Santa Dashes are often around 5 or 10 kilometres and bring with them plenty of opportunities to raise the profile of your brand and promote future events through good use of the space available. Whether you’re planning your first event or have planned many before but are new to the world of Santa Dashes, we have developed a Santa Dash Race Branding Pack to help you effectively brand your space and give your event seasonal impact. With many additional branding options available, we have something to suit all budgets.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Richard Dyson Photography

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Hello, please confirm the cost for a gantry header, size 12m x 2m. Many thanks Karin Brown Orkney Media Group Ltd

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