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7 Reasons Why Our Feather Flag Is the Best in the UK

By Alex Hirst |
Events |
Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Feather Flag – often referred to as a sail flag, blade flag, portable flag, zoom flag or a vent flag.

Regardless of the name, they all have the same purpose – to display a message, logo or sponsor elegantly.

Our Feather Flags come in a range of shapes and sizes, from blade, to rectangular or teardrop.

We appreciate that there are hundreds of Feather Flag suppliers nationwide, offering “the same as us”. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight why our Feather Flag is the best in the UK…

Hand finished in the UK

Working from our in-house sewing room in Darlington, our seamstresses take pride in the work they do. Using their skill and expertise, your Feather Flag is guaranteed to look tip top before leaving our premises.

Full design, even on the sleeve

Most Feather Flag suppliers offer full colour print, but is that what you actually receive? When you receive your Feather Flag, do you have a large unsightly black or white sleeve that you didn’t request?

We provide exactly what we offer – a full design running right through into the sleeve ensuring there is no unsightly black or white sleeve, compromising and essentially cheapening your design

Did you know? An unsightly black or white sleeve not only compromises your design but actually reduces the area covered by your design by around 6%.

Double stitched hem

We think ahead about where your Feather Flag is going to be, and more often than not it will be outside. That’s why we consider strong winds and double stitch our hem ensuring durability. The double stitched hem will ensure your flag lasts longer whilst providing an overall finer appearance.

Reinforced sleeve end

The Feather Flag may be the last element to be added to your event. If you’ve had a stressful day or you’re running late, the last thing you want to do is push the pole too hard and rip the material. That’s why we reinforce our sleeve end so that no matter how hard you push; the material will stay intact.

Washed and ironed before dispatch

We take pride in everything we do and we’re prepared to go that extra step further for you. We wash and iron all our Feather Flags before they’re dispatched, allowing you to display or fly your flag with pride the minute it’s received.

Washing of the flag is essential to ensure all excess ink is removed, meaning you will not get an unsightly looking flag the minute it rains and the colour runs. Ironing the flag isn’t essential, but we don’t want to compromise the professional finish the client is looking for at their event.

A safety locking pin comes as standard

We take everything into account, including security and safety. That’s why we supply a locking pin as standard with all our Feather Flags. This not only prevents theft of the pole, but it also keeps the pole and flag in place during strong winds.

Interchangeable bases

We don’t know where you plan on displaying your Feather Flag but we do know that we want it to stand up safely. We offer multiple base options including water base (15 and 25kg), ground spike, cross base and concrete base, allowing you to position your flag pretty much anywhere.

Our Feather Flags fit into all our interchangeable bases, meaning you don’t have to buy seperate flags for an indoor and outdoor event. Simply use the same Feather Flag, change the base and you’re good to go.

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