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Fabric Display Stand

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Ideal for your indoor event as an eye-catching backdrop or photo opportunity. Available in a range of sizes, the lightweight but sturdy frame is easy to assemble. Your graphics are printed onto fabric sleeve which is slipped over the frame or slotted into a track.


Our range of Fabric Display Stands, supplied by our sister company Harrison EDS, are quick and easy to assemble at your indoor event. They are perfect for displaying your brand messages, as an interview backdrop or for the perfect photo opportunity.

Your artwork is printed on to both sides of the fabric sleeve giving it extra versatility. Replacements prints are cost effective allowing you to use the stand again and again.

Options Available: Standard (0.85m), wide (2.4m), ultra wide (2.9m) or pedestal (see product specification for further information).


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Fabric Display Stand – 850mm wide x 2100mm high x 300mm deep

Pedestal Fabric Display Stand – 850mm wide x 2100mm high x 300mm deep

Wide Fabric Display Stand – 2400mm wide x 2200mm high x 300mm deep or 2900mm wide x 2200mm high x 300mm deep

Ultra Large Fabric Display Stand – 6000mm wide x 2300mm high


220gsm knitted polyester

Q. Can the Fabric Display Stands be used outdoors?

A. Yes, they can be used outdoors temporarily but they have not been designed for this purpose.

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