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The Brief

Pollite are one of the largest manufactures of fibreglass masts in Europe. They have an international presence that spans across Europe, Asia, USA, The Middle East, and Australasia.

The Pollite team were attending the Interariport Europe in Munich to showcase their fiberglass frangible safety poles. They would be showcasing to over 13,000 visitors from around 110 countries.

The event reflects the current dynamic development of the airport industry. It provides an enormous potential for suppliers of equipment, technology, services, and solutions; digitalisation and automation.

We were tasked with building a stand which would stand out amongst the rest. The stand was to include a display stand that best illuminated Pollite’s products with the requirement of a large graphic too.


What We Did

We built the stand exactly to their requirements. We incorporated their products and added large display graphics.

We faced two main challenges throughout the project. The size of the light canopies and the size of the perimeter graphics as both had to be a perfect fit.

The light canopies had to line up with the back wall graphics because if they were too small, there wouldn’t have been enough space for the products.

As the perimeter graphics were 8 meters wide, this presented a challenge as they had to be exactly the right size in order to fit into the wall perfectly to avoid any subsidence.

Our in-house design team used their knowledge and expertise to design a very good exhibition stand. It was made from a new modular system found in China. The stand was effectively split in half; one section was used for hospitality, the other half for products featuring stretched fabric graphics and labelled plinths that included power.

Skills Used

Welding and Fabrication


“Our stand looked fantastic and really stood out in a busy exhibition hall.”


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