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The Brief

To showcase Parklife’s theme throughout the site, without the use of heavily branded images.



What We Did

Our experienced in-house design team came up with a range of branding solutions. These ranged from giant foamex cut out shapes to waterproof tablecloths. The branding was to be placed throughout the festival, ensuring it was seen by attendees on either day, in any area of the event.

The primary focus was on the use of foamex – a PVC foam sheet which is lightweight, durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We had to consider various elements from the weather to the large crowds expected. The use of foamex was ideal for showing crisp, strong print colours – ensuring they were stimulating at first glance.

The giant branded foamex shapes would help to enhance the overall theme without losing the festival feel that everyone craves.

For ease between the client and Harrison’s, a production timetable was created covering every item, design, print, hardware, packing lists, delivery, and installation and de-rig procedures. This was done to ensure the project was managed tightly from concept to completion.

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