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Barnard Castle School

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The Brief

Barnard Castle School is an Independent day and boarding school, for boys and girls aged between 4 and 18, set amid stunning countryside in Northern England.

Sport and physical development is an important part of school life at Barney – as the school is affectionately known, and contributes significantly to their ethos that encourages collaboration, determination, resilience and supporting others.

Barney has outstanding sports facilities and a programme of inter-house and inter-school competitions and fixtures. In September 2017, the ‘Sporting Festival Weekend’ took place at Barney, where they welcomed over 250 junior hockey and rugby players, along with 1,000 visitors as they hosted the Seddon Cup (Under 10 girls’ hockey), Clegg Cup (Under 10 boys’ rugby) and the Tait Tens (Under 12 boys’ rugby).

Barney required event branding for their sporting weekend, and because they already have a close relationship with us, they decided to source our expertise once again.

They were looking for us to supply materials for numerous elements of the weekend, from the promotion of the event around the grounds to providing materials for confectionery areas.


What We Did

As the school were expecting a large number of attendees based on their previous sporting weekend, it was essential that the event ran smoothly.

We supplied a custom event arch, which was used at the entrance of the event, branded with the school logo and colour, with a warm and friendly message reading “Welcome to Barney’’. It was a great way for the school to portray their ‘friendly feel’, whilst welcoming attendees. The lightweight and durability of the event arch made it easy to assemble and store before and after the sporting weekend. Standing at 3 meters tall, it was visibly striking and the perfect photo backdrop.

The Gazebo was positioned next to the race arch, which again was branded with Barney’s logo and colours, keeping consistency throughout. Being waterproof and UV proof, the 3m squared gazebo was equipped for all types of British weather.

A custom directional way finder was a practical and eye-catching method of directing attendees to key areas of the event. By informing attendees of where to go, they were able to support their children with as much ease as possible, ensuring that every game was overlooked by supporters.

Custom Blade Feather Flags were used to highlight the sports grounds and to give a clear indication towards the pitch numbers for onlookers. The custom branded flags had a 360 degree rotation in the wind, allowing for the pitch numbers to be seen from all directions – which was perfect for attendees whilst locating their children.

Finally, we supplied Barney with a Hydrophobic Table Cloth which was used to turn a standard looking table into a perfect trophy display. The use of hydrophobic technology meant that any liquid that made contact with it (accounting for the typical British weather) would simply wipe off leaving no marks, ensuring the display remained looking its best.

To find out more about the Sporting Festival Weekend or to view the 2017 video, click here.

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